Fraser Valley Wine Tour | Chaberton, Township 7, Backyard

Chaberton front door

The Fraser Valley Wine Tour – An experience to remember

British Columbia's Fraser Valley is a diverse and gorgeous region which has a great climate for fruit as well as for winemaking. With the Fraser Valley Wine Tour you can explore the three of the region's best winemaking regions, which are home to some of the country's best tasting wine varieties. The regions covered in this wine tour consist of Chaberton, Backyard Vineyards, and Township 7.

One of British Columbia’s three major wine producing regions this region demonstrates that British Columbia farms were meant to grow grapes and make wines. This region is incredibly scenic with some very breathtaking views all around. This tour is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day in or around the Vancouver area.


As a part of this tour you can spend approximately 60 to 75 minutes at Chaberton and undertake a behind the scenes tour of the winery. According to your schedule and when you start the tour for the day, you should stay for lunch at the Bacchus Bistro. It is highly recommended that you make the reservations beforehand at the bistro and it should also be noted that the bistro is closed on Mondays.

Chaberton Tour

With the it is suggested you opt for a preset tour or you can even design your own route by the hour for added flexibility. When you opt for a preset tour we will cover the major points efficiently making sure you get to enjoy each location in the best possible way and also do not miss out on anything worth watching.

Township 7

Township 7 has been named in this particular way as it was the 7thfarm that was licensed in the township of Langley. Township 7 is a family owned and managed winery that is famous for its production of the small lots of handcrafted and award-winning wines made from some very carefully chosen grapes. The grapes are grown on property and also their sister winery in the Okanagan which lies approximately four hours north.  The full wine portfolio is a great mix of different types of wines and is sure to have something for everyone!

Backyard Winery

Another stop is at the Backyard Winery. This is another wonderful place to visit which has some really amazing wines with a collection across the board that includes their renowned Nosey Neighbor White and Red wine. It is a nice place to visit with some great service and a really calm atmosphere and has a friendly, warm, and romantic setting. We dare you to not walk away with a few purchased bottles of the wonderful wines. Backyard Winery also has some really amazing charcuterie boards. A stop here can be approximately 60 to 70 minutes if you wish to order food.

Be part of our wonderfully curated winery tours and enjoy the hospitality and the beautifully scenic Fraser Valley.