5 Reasons to hire a minibus for your YVR Whistler Transportation

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5 Reasons to hire a minibus for your YVR Whistler Transportation

When traveling in a large group, especially when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, hiring a minibus is a good idea for all the parties concerned. Even if you only intend to move from your hotel to a nearby zoo, a minibus can completely transform the way you move from one point to another. There are many advantages of hiring a minibus for your YVR Whistler Transportation. The benefits include:

Arrival Guarantee for your Whistler Transfer

Let’s face it, much as you may try to stick to a schedule, sometimes it is entirely impossible to plan a trip around your arrival and departure times. To avoid any inconveniences, Vancouver Shuttle Hire will wait for you at the airport even in the event of a delayed flight. Vancouver Shuttle Hire keeps track of all our customer’s flights to ensure that your trip begins and ends on the right note.

Bathroom Breaks when necessary on the Sea to Sky

There is nothing as worrying as having to adhere to someone else’s schedule when traveling. With other means of public transportation, one can only take bathroom breaks at designated times. With Vancouver Shuttle Hire, you can make as many bathroom stops as you need to without worrying about inconveniencing other people.

Food stops can be arranged

What is the point of touring and experiencing a new destination if you cannot enjoy some of the local delicacies?  During your trip, you will find that some of the best eateries and restaurants are located off the beaten path. With private shuttle transfers, you enjoy the luxury of making food stops as frequently as you need to.  During your YVR to Whistler trip, how about making a stopover in Downtown Granville Street? The spot is open 24 hours a day, and it has some of the most delicious delicacies in BC.

Enjoy the view of the Sea to Sky

The Sea to Sky highway is lined with some of the best landmarks and fantastic world class views. With a private shuttle, you can make as many stops along the highway as time can allow. Some of the landmarks that one can enjoy along the highway include Shannon Falls, Brandywine Falls, and Black Tusk Mountains.

Motor coach comfort

You might be tempted to splurge on an expensive mode of transport such as a limo; however, although limos have their perks, they also have some major disadvantages as well. For instance, limo rides are known to be notoriously uncomfortable owing to the bench style sitting which tends to wreck havoc on your back and neck. A minibus is much cheaper than a limo and is more comfortable thanks to the lumbar support, and the arm and foot rest provided by the comfortable seating.