Whistler to Vancouver Transportation

Whistler to Vancouver Transportation

You already know the importance of accessing comfortable and inexpensive transportation when you are traveling. Not only does your choice of transportation impact the overall experience of your trip, but it also determines how successful or dreadful your trip will be. As such, finding the right transportation for you and your needs is imperative.

One of the most excellent and cheapest ways to get around in a new city, particularly when traveling in groups, is through a chartered minibus. Chartered minibusses allow you and your group to enjoy the scenery and each other’s company while a responsible and qualified local does all the heavy lifting.  

If you are traveling from Whistler to Vancouver, a chartered minibus should definitely be your ultimate means of transportation because it is the best way to experience the Sea to Sky Highway and all the remarkable sights it has to offer; which is plenty for a first time visitor.  Not convinced yet? Here is what you sign up for when you charter our minibus service:

Cost effectiveness

We all know the value of stretching a dollar, especially when traveling. Rather than waste your money on expensive airplane or train tickets, your group can afford to travel comfortably via a minibus. Our minibus charter for $350 caters to groups of up to 12 with minimal luggage, while groups of 14 with luggage only spend $425. With these rates, you can enjoy your trip from Whistler to Vancouver, allowing you to redirect those extra coins for various other activities on your itinerary.


All our minibusses are licensed and insured, which guarantees your safety throughout your travels. Our service conducts a thorough recruitment process to ensure that all the drivers are qualified and well trained. You will find, that aside from the safety that the drivers provide, they also have an invaluable amount of knowledge regarding the area as a whole, which will be insightful during your journey. The drivers will ensure that you get to see all the important sights and landmarks located anywhere between Whistler and Vancouver.


The best part of traveling from Whistler to Vancouver through a minibus is, your bus offers point to point service, which means that you can travel to just about any town or city of your picking as long as it is within the agreed upon service area. This means that you can enjoy the luxury of multiple pickups and drop-offs based on your schedule and convenience.

Although the service strives to take care of every customer’s needs, it is advisable to prepare and book in advance because the demand for chartered minibusses is typically high in popular tourist destinations such as Whistler and Vancouver.  

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