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Economical Shuttle Hire

The Economical Shuttle Option

While most of our mini-busses are newer model Ford Transit's we do have a more economical option for you and your guests.

Sometimes all we need is to get from point "A" to point "B".  Our well kept shuttles are on maintenance schedules to ensure safety and comfort for your passengers.

Metro Vancouver Shuttle Service

Weather you're heading around town, the cruise ship or the airport our friendly drivers will ensure the shuttle hire is the least of your worries.  All Economical shuttles carry 14 passengers without luggage or 10 passengers with space for luggage.  

Economical Minimum Hire: 3 hour $90/hour*

Newer Model Ford $105/hour*

Daily Hire: 8 hours $599 (Saturdays $700)*

*Prices are plus taxes/fees and gratuities. Subject to change without notice.

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