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Experience the Ultimate in Vancouver Transportation Services with our premium shuttles.

Catering to the Vancouver region, including Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, our shuttles stand out among Vancouver transportation companies for their safety, comfort, and efficiency. Ideal for both personal and business needs, we ensure a top-tier transportation experience in Vancouver.

We offer specialized bus transportation services, delivering tailored shuttle solutions for companies of varying sizes. Our corporate shuttle bus programs are crafted to elevate employee productivity and satisfaction, providing a seamless, stress-free journey to work.

Daily, weekly, and yearly contracts are available.  Rates range from $65-110/hour and can be negotiated depending on the length of the contract.  Our team can also create shuttle programs across Canada between our brands for National businesses.  

You can also email or call 778-320-3409 x2 for more information. 

Custom Corporate Shuttle Bus Solutions

For businesses striving to enhance their team's commute, reduce traffic, and promote eco-friendliness, our Employee Shuttle Bus Services are the perfect fit. We offer bespoke shuttle programs, adaptable to your company's specific demands. This includes flexible timings, custom routes, and the option for personalized branding.

Comprehensive Corporate Shuttle Bus Programs

Our Corporate Shuttle Bus Programs are meticulously designed for ease and reliability. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, we tailor our transportation solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our Diverse Shuttle Bus Programs Include:

  • Employee recruitment shuttles for easy access to offices or warehouses
  • Shift start and end transportation to central locations
  • Office relocation shuttle services for employee retention
  • Our shuttle buses promise a comfortable and productive commute.
  • We also offer customization in branding, allowing your company's logo and message to be displayed on our shuttles.

Dedicated Support for Your Business

Each corporate shuttle bus program comes with a committed account manager and a dispatch team, ensuring your transportation service is seamless and exceeds your expectations.

Advantages of Our Employee Shuttle Bus Services

Our services offer numerous benefits:
  • Boosts employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Decreases absenteeism and lateness
  • Reduces commuting stress and anxiety
  • Enhances sustainability and lowers carbon emissions
  • Offers customized routes and schedules
  • Personalized branding to uplift company spirit

Vancouver Shuttle Solutions is dedicated to delivering unparalleled transportation services for businesses and their clients. Interested in our Employee Shuttle Bus Services or Corporate Shuttle Bus Programs? Contact us for a tailored consultation and quote, and discover why we are a leader in Vancouver transportation services.

Most Requested Employee Shuttle Sizes

  • Less than 10 passenger
  • up to 14 passenger
  • up to 20 passenger
  • up to 24 passenger
  • up to 28 passenger
  • up to 35 passenger
  • up to 55 passenger

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